Students Guidance

The purpose of guidance counseling is to help students achieve happiness and success within their Social and Educational context.
Course and University Selection

Our consultants are knowledgeable about the various courses and universities available in the countries we work with. We provide guidance on course selection and help find an institution that aligns with aspirants’ academic and professional goals.

Visa Guidance

Applying for a student visa can be a complicated process. We assist for detailed documentation information to provide hassle free preparation process.

Preparation classes

We offer comprehensive preparation classes and support for both IELTS and TOEFEL exams. Our experienced instructors guide through the exam preparation process, providing with the tools and strategies. We also provide grooming courses in the areas of communication and leadership development.

Application Assistance

Our team provides support throughout the application process, from making application for enrollment till the guidance for visa documentation.

Pre-departure Briefing

Our pre-departure briefing equips visa awardee  with the needed basic information to travel and get acquainted in the new country of study.

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