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Moinuddin Ahmed (C.E.O. / German Language Instructor)
Moinuddin Ahmed
C.E.O. / German Language Instructor

Malik Salman Saeed
Chief Operating Officer (COO)

  • MSc. Supply Chain, Bolton University, UK
  • MBA Marketing, USA
  • MA Economics, Karachi University
Why Choose CPD
Why Choose CPD?
  • Our purpose of guidance counseling is to help students achieve happiness and success within their Social and Educational context.
  • Learn German with English and Urdu
  • Learn Japanese with English and Urdu
  • 20 Years of Teaching / Training / Counseling / Interpreting Experience
  • 300+ Universities in 25 Countries 
  • 300+ students sent for higher Education, specially in Germany, due to Free Education and VISA process.
  • Experience the Joy of Learning!
  • Contact Us today to register and unlock a world opportunities
CPDOPEN Study College-UK Collaboration facilitated by PBBC-UK
CPD-OS College - UK

  • CPD-OS College - UK, collaboration facilitated by Pakistan Britain Business Council - (PBBC-UK) 
  • Click here to see 600+ UK Courses available for admission or see following presentation in this respect.

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Learn Holy Quran Online
Learn Holy Quran Online

  • Tajweed, Nazra and Hifz Online by
    Sir Bashir Ahmed +92-315-6985041

CPD International Services
CPD Internationally Works
  • Finland University Course - Cybersecurity & Azure 
  • Joint Venture / Seed Money Funding
    $10,000 - $One million - Academic / Commercial - Submit Brief Proposal for a Zoom Meeting with International Entrepreneurs
  • International Research & Thesis
  • Content Writing & Freelancing
  • BPO - Business Process Outsource
  • Call Center Services
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IFL-Institute of Foreign Languages
Institute of Foreign Languages

Unlock the doors to Countries Opportunities with their native Language Key!

IFL offers following languages courses

  • CHINESE (HSK-1, to HSK-6)
  • ENGLISH (IELTS: A1, A2, B1, B2)
  • FRENCH (A1, A2, B1, B2)
  • GERMAN (A1, A2, B1, B2)
  • JAPANESE (JLPT: N1 to N5)
  • TURKISH (A1, A2, B1, B2)

Qualified trainers studied languages in the respective countries.

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Top 5 Countries to Study Abroad
Study? Germany / UK / USA / Australia / Canada

Top 5 Factors to consider before choosing a country for Education abroad.

  1. Field of Specialization
  2. Top Countries/Universities for Your Subject / Program
  3. Cost of Education / Living Abroad
  4. Lifestyle & Culture
  5. Career Opportunities

 Rank       Country             Education Index
    1          Germany       0.94
    2          United Kingdom       0.93
    2          New Zealand       0.93
    3          Australia               0.92



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PhD Graduates: The Opportunities and Challenges Ahead
24/7/365 Opportunities 

We explore 24/7/365 opportunities / Research Funding, Jobs, Faculty Exchange, Jobs Ph.D., Post-Doctorate, Scholarships etc. for you. Avail it We are directly connected and regularly correspond with 250+ globally renowned universities. We would be honored to connect you with any academic opportunity such as Collaborative Research, Academic / Administrative Jobs, Faculty Exchange Programs, Ph.D., and Post-Doctoral Research Funding in Foreign Universities. We would be honored to promote your expertise internationally if you could share your expertise with direct contact numbers / email profiles that can be included as an Advisor / Researcher  on our Board of Advisors.

Apply NOW. Germany Needs 3 Million Workers
3 million Jobs in Germany

Center for Professional Development (CPD) sent 300+ students for higher Education, specially in Germany, due to FREE EDUCATION / VISA process.

Get the Degree You Want

CPD Training Partner

DigiTech Synergy (Private) Limited
Corporate Training Program

Course Title: Cybersecurity & Azure
Course Level: Foundation to Advancement

Collaboration: Finland University


  • All certificate holders will receive a QR code.
  • The QR code will be incorporated into the business directory of Kajanni University of Applied Sciences – Finland, accessible to over 35,000+ European companies offering remote, full-time, or part-time job opportunities.
  • Pass outs details will be securely shared with carefully selected incubators, startups, headhunters, and similar entities, both nationally and internationally. 
  • Each course program will awarded 15 credit point. Additionally, 15 European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS) points will be granted. After having 45 ECTS, will makes eligible certificate holders qualify to pursue a degree at Kajaani University with a one-year exemption.

Courses/Programs: In CPD and
by our Partners in England, Germany & Pakistan

CPD Courses/Programs:
German University Programs, England University Programs, German, English and Japanese Language Courses and Corporate Training Programs
Our Study Partners Abroad:
Unlock the doors to Germany / England / Japanese Opportunities with German / English / Japanese Language Key! Germany offers FREE Education and England Education System is shorter and more intensive.
VISA  and Internship Programs:
Assessing/processing document of students, who are interested study in England and Germany. 

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